Does Braiding hurt?

Braiding should not hurt. Some hairstyles have more tension than others. When it comes to braids, Knotless Braids will always on the lower tension end compared to Traditional Box Braids. 

Do you offer take down services?

I no longer offer take down services. Client must come prepared to the styling appointment. Meaning, client must come with clean, combed and stretch hair. 

How should I come prepared for my hair appointment?

Please come with freshly cleaned, detangled and stretch hair. I should be able to quickly brush hair, prep and get started with braiding. This will save client time and extra $$. There will be an additional $50 charges if hair does not meet standard.

What brand of extensions is provided for braids (twists, knotless and traditional braids, senegalese twists and feed-in braids)?

I use several braiding hair brand, X-Pression, Spectra etc. 

Does braider provide crochet hair?

No, I only provide kanekalon braiding hair for traditional braids, knotless braids, senegalese twists and feed-in braids.